Ross Home Inspection was founded by Jimmy Ross. We strive to exceed your expectations and provide the most positive experience possible for your residential and commercial inspection needs. Our team goes above and beyond the MINIMUM requirements for national  and local inspections. With 30 Years experience in construction and 15 years performing inspections, we aim to put out fires before they start! We have countless hours of continuing education training and spend hundreds of hours researching building materials on how they should perform. We've performed over 20,000 inspections on new and pre-existing construction with positive outcomes. Our mission is to save you money and help potential homeowners and investors from making costly mistakes. Licensed with the State of Texas, and ICC certified, Mr. Ross has also passed the national exam for inspections too. Rest assured, Ross Home Inspection is not a simple evaluation-it's a true home inspection in every sense of the word. As a established business, we aim to provide impeccable customer service with a friendly staff. You can be sure Ross Home Inspection will treat you like family.

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  • Professional Home Inspector 20967
  • ICC Electrical 5302219-E
  • ICC Energy/Plan Examiner 5302215-79
  • ICC Commercial 5302219
  • ICC Residential Building 5302219-B
  • ICC Certified Building Official 5302219
  • State Plumbing Inspector I2773
  • Code Enforcement Officer 3209 
  • Federal Emergency Management Asscociation IS00700 (FEMA)
  • ​Termite Inspector 0751264