Jennifer Ryan

We hired Jimmy Ross to inspect a commercial property for our business. He was very professional and took the time to look into every issue. He is the most detail-oriented inspector you will find. I requested the inspection report within the same week, and he had a very comprehensive report with photos emailed to me the very next morning. I appreciated his building code knowledge which ultimately saved our business a considerable amount of money. I highly recommend him.
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Anna Prata

It is rare in 2015 to find exceptional service, passion for what one does, incredible integrity, attention to 

detail and absolute professionalism and a work ethic for which to be proud.

Mr. Ross took a call from me, a total stranger on his day off.   From the minute he picked up the phone 

until the minute he left my home his service, passion and professionalism never wavered.  This inspector 

is incredibly skilled and brings a significantly broader wealth of knowledge to his inspections than one 

might expect.  Mr. Ross is incredibly thorough and moves thru his inspections with intention and 

purpose of explaining what is working, if something is not ideal why not and how it should be remedied 

correctly.   His respect for his clients is superb.  He answered every question I asked and did so by 

education and he never rushed.  

 Jimmy Ross has a true ability to see the big picture and how the parts must make the whole.  His 

knowledge of plumbing, engineering, framing, flooring, ventilation systems and codes for all of the 

above should be the bar for which all inspections are done.

Courtney D

Professional and Friendly. Jimmy Ross provided 2 property inspections on different residential properties, in West Fort Worth and Central Arlington. Qualified inspector, with multiple certifications and contractor service. He was very responsive to appointment calls, a task that is more of a juggle for most first-time homebuyers than they would believe. His arrival was timely, appearance professional, attitude positive, and advice beneficial. His work truck reflected his inspection style--clean and organized. Inspections are generally 3-4 hours, depends on home size and condition. Jimmy's inspection is thorough and honest. During/After inspection, he will show you the Must-Repair items of any structural, chimney, roof, electrical, heat/air systems, and appliances. He also advises on the minor repairs that likely won't impact an appraisal valuation. His inspection report was delivered in a very timely manner. It was 22 pages, organized according to TREC purposes. A PDF was made available, with color pictures and sharp detail, which is immensely helpful in requesting repairs of a seller. After Jimmy's service and report, we became confident buyers!
Thank You, Jimmy!
FYI: he also offers a referral to a respectable pest servicer as well, and is willing to coordinate that inspection for the same-day of the full inspection.
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