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Yes, we also perform HUD / FHA inspections for lenders. We have on-staff inspectors that are qualified for FHA inspections. Qualified FHA inspectors must be a combination ICC code certified inspector. In most cases, we can perform these inspections within a 1 - 2 days turnaround and send the lender the required 92051 Compliance Inspection Report (CIR)

FHA inspection requirements

FHA appraisers follow the HUD guidelines for minimum property standards. Homes must meet the following appraisal requirements, or be repaired to meet requirements, to be approved for an FHA loan:

  • Must have an undamaged exterior, foundation, and roof
  • Must have safe and reasonable property access
  • Must not contain loose wiring and exposed electrical systems
  • Must have all relevant utilities, including gas, electricity, water, and sewage functioning properly.
  • Must have a working, permanent heating system that can heat the property adequately
  • Must have surfaces free of chipping or peeling lead-based paint
  • Must have adequate access to attic spaces and natural ventilation in crawl spaces
  • Must have access to potable water
  • Must be free from wood-destroying insect infestations
  • Must not have interior and exterior health and safety hazards, such as no handrails on steep staircases
  • Must be a marketable property

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